Pinky The Washington DC Movers provide a self packing kit of different sizes of boxes for each move as shown below:
One Book Box, One Medium Box, One Large Box, One Linen Box, One Dish-Pack Box and one roll of box sealing tape.
The free self-packing kit can be picked up at our storage location in Rockville Maryland by appointment only. If you choose to purchase additional packing supplies from us, the self-packing kit will be added to your free box delivery and you don’t need to pick it up by yourself. Minimum order for a free box delivery is $49.99 On the day of the move, we will also provide you with 5 wardrobe/garment clothing boxes rent-free.
Note: the free wardrobe boxes are only offered to customers who are moving locally.
The wardrobe boxes do not apply to customers moving in to a storage.
While we pack up your furniture, you will place small items such as shoes, handbags, pillows, blankets, etc. at the bottom of the wardrobe/garment clothing boxes, and then insert the bar and hang all your clothes. This will keep them wrinkle-free throughout the move. All the 5 wardrobe/garment clothing boxes must be returned by the end of the move. Once the crew delivers your shipment you should unpack your wardrobe/garment clothing boxes directly to your closet.

Tip List

General tips Flammable & Other Liquids Table lamps
Glass, Fragile & Electronic Items TV's & Computer Screens Pictures
How to pack your dishes   Electronic Items    Other Self-Packing Tips


General Tips

Pinky The Washington DC Mover provide you with these tips as a service. At Pinky Movers, we are dedicated to saving you money.
We realize that showing you how to prepare for your move and pack your smaller items on your own may decrease our total bill for your move, however, our goal is to make you save money and to enjoy your experience with us.

A common mistake is that most of the customers use the Small, Medium and Large boxes to pack fragile items such as: ceramic/glass tables, lamps, statues, electronics, DVD, VCR, china dishes etc…
This is a mistake because these boxes are not strong enough and can’t provide enough protection for glass and fragile items.
Please use the following guidelines so as to be sure you are packing your items into the correct boxes. We hope you will find it fun and helpful.

* Book Boxes: As the box mentions, it is for books . You can add CD’s, videotapes, office files, and other small items.

* Medium Boxes: Well, those boxes are not for books!!! You can always put in these boxes some office files and other small miscellaneous items, such as small picture frame, computer speakers, etc…

* Large boxes: Those are not for books as well!!! They are made for toys, clothing, kitchen utensils (not glass dishes), plastic containers, frying and cooking pans.

* Linen Box: As the box mentions, it is for Linen, sheets, towels etc…
Please do not try to pack books into this box. This will make it very heavy to carry, and increases the risk that the box will break under such pressure.

Note: For all of the above, make sure to fill the boxes all the way to the top to prevent box breakage.

* Dish- Pack: As the box mentions, it is for Dishes. However you can also pack other fragile items such as: electronics, ceramic/glass tables, lamps etc…

* Wardrobe boxes: These for sure are not for books. You can always stack small and light items such as:
shoes, handbags, pillows and blankets prior to placing the bar in order to place your clothing. You can even add a dining room chair that you want to protect from any scratches or dents.

Pack one room at a time. Don't seal your boxes until you have finished all packing.
You will need to make some items available to you when arriving on your new site. Make sure you have plastic plates, paper cups, paper towels etc…
We recommend that you yourself transport Insurance Papers, Birth Certificates and sensitive materials.

How do you need to handle glass, fragile and electronic items?

For these items, there is a special box called a china box/dish pack. This is a more rigid box that can handle more weight and is designed for these items specifically. You should use this box in order to safely pack most of your fragile belongings, such as stereo equipment, other glass and ceramic fragile items, and even your lampshades.


How to pack your dishes?

1.  Open the box, use a lot of box-sealing tape on the bottom of the box to prevent spilling or mishaps when the box is moved.
2.  Before placing any dishes, simply fold a sheet of bubble wrap (the thicker bubble wrap) to create two layers of bubble wrap at the bottom of the box. This softens the base so as to enhance protection of the items.
3.  Start with the dish plates. Usually, you can form two vertical rows of dish plates, one next to the other. Beware! Do not place them one on top of the other. This is a common mistake. Customers usually stack them one on top of the other, which adds too much pressure; consequently increasing the probability of breakage. This is why it is very important to position them vertically one next to the other.
4.  All the glass dishes must be double wrapped by white newsprint paper. If one of the glass items should break during the move, the broken item will stay trapped in the paper and avoid spreading all over the box. By the time you unpack, you will not be injured or cut with the broken pieces. Some people choose to save money and use old newspaper to wrap dishes. This is a very big mistake because the newspaper ink can run out and stain the dishes. If you still want to save money on white newsprint paper, make sure to use white newsprint paper to wrap your dishes for the first wrap (the one that is closer to the dish) and you can simply use the normal daily newspaper for the second wrap.
5.  After completing the first level of plates and dishes, please place another sheet of folding bubble wrap in order to create a new level. It doesn’t have to be even, but it needs to be used as a soft divider for the second level.
6.  The second level: Now it’s the time to put the thicker drinking glasses or the coffee and tea mugs. Make sure to double wrap them with the white newspaper. You can place them in the box horizontally since they are strong enough to withhold the pressure.
7.  After completion of the second level, please place another sheet of folding bubble wrap in order to create a new level. On the third level, you can place all the wine glasses or thinner fragile glasses and porcelain. All items on the third level are fragile and need to be handled carefully. Regarding the wine glasses, we recommend to triple wrap them for added protection. Place them in the box horizontally. You can always use an old empty box of cereal to put the glasses inside the box for extra protection and then place them in the dish pack with the cereal box. Do not fill the box all the way to the top. Leave enough space to add another layer of bubble wrap to avoid breakage. Make sure not to leave empty space on the top. Use some white newsprint, form paper balls, and place them equally all on top of the box and between dishes so as to keep every item in the box secured during transportation. This is the way to pack those kind of dishes and other dishes, such as vases, glass, salad bowls, and even statues. Use another box and simply surround the glass item with lots of bubble wrap (use the thicker bubble wrap to increase protection). In all cases, please make sure the box is not too heavy so it won’t break from the bottom!!!


Electronic items

For all electronic items, such as amplifiers, DVD, VCR, CD players, boom box, stereo speakers, computers (not computer screen) printer, fax, small copy machines etc…We still recommend to use the dish pack box because it is considered to be the strongest and thickest box available in our inventory that will provide you with added protection. Please surround each one of them (electronic items) with lots of bubble wrap (use the thick bubble wrap) and place them in the box. Put the heaviest on the bottom and the lightest on the top. It is always good to put the amplifier at the bottom since it is a heavier electronic item. The rest should be situated depending on size and weight.

Do not forget to remove the C.D’s from the inside tray of the player to avoid C.D breakage.


Table Lamps

For ceramic or glass table lamps, we still recommend to use the dish pack box. Simply surround them with lots of bubble wrap ( use the thick kind of bubble wrap for added protection). Place them in the box, make sure they are well secured around the walls of the box by using bubble wrap or paper balls around the items to avoid movement during transportation. Regarding the lamp shades, you will need to open a new dish pack. They will have to be placed individually since they will keep their full protection within the transportation. No bubble wrap is necessary for the lamp shades, simply place them in the box and they will still have the necessary protection.

*Please note: For all of the above, we don’t recommend using other boxes, except for dish packs, since they are not strong enough and can get smashed or break under pressure.



Open the box. Surround the picture with bubble wrap. For oil paintings, simply wrap it with tissue paper pads. Do not use bubble wrap, because the wrap might increase the amount of heat transported to the painting, which can possibly cause the oil to leak and stain the picture. Place the glass picture or oil painting in a box. If it’s a small painting, two paintings can be placed in each box, but they should not intertwine. Do not mix oil paintings with glass pictures that are protected with bubble wrap due to the same reason mentioned above. Make sure they are well placed in the box to prevent excess movement during transportation.


TV and computer screen

A special box is available that comes in different sizes: Small, medium and large. Simply surround the TV or computer screen with lots of bubble wrap (two layers of bubble wrap is enough when using thicker wrap) and place them in the box to prevent movement. You can add paper balls ( crumbled-up paper) in between items to increase protection as well.


Flammable and other liquids

Avoid shipping flammable goods or kitchen cleaning products with the moving company. If they spill in the truck  during transit, it can damage your furniture. Transport these items yourself in a sealed plastic container that will keep them from spilling. We also recommend to transport wine bottles by yourself for the same reason.


Other Self-packing Tips

Now, before tapping yourself on the shoulders, and screaming “ I am a professional packer” , we would like to remind you that you forgot to pack the glass plates from the microwave . Before making any mistakes, make sure to remove the plate from the microwave oven and place it in the dish pack.
It is always good to write on top of all boxes which room it is originated from and the content of the box. It doesn’t matter which moving company you choose, do not ever, ever, ever write CD's on your CD's box. Simply name them book boxes so to avoid any…., well, you get my drift.

Please, for any other questions regarding packing or other inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us @ 240 - 430 - 7465 (pink) and ask for our packing instructor.

Or simply email us at