Pinky The Washington DC Movers are pleased to introduce the "Pinky - Pal Move Calculator" a simple, user-friendly tool designed to help you obtain a free, estimate of the cost of your move using our dc mover team.


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Pinky Pal Move Calculator




The "Pinky - Pal Move Calculator" is an Excel workbook that will automatically calculate the cost of your move.
Since there is always room for final adjustments, it is important to save the results you receive and submit them as an e-mail attachment to our offices for final review. One of our customer sales representatives will then call you to review the information and to help identify ways to reduce the cost of your move.

For immediate and accurate estimate on a per-hour or flat fee basis, you will need to open the attached Excel document and follow the easy step and instructions!
There is no obligation on your part.
We do not charge our customers per item. However, we do ask that you fill out your inventory list as accurately as possible to give us an understanding of what you really have and allow us to make a realistic estimate of the time that will be needed to complete your move. 

If there are any items that you intend to transport by yourself in your car do not list them on our inventory. 
List only the items you wish
Pinky Movers to transport. Please be sure not to list any item twice.


If you cannot open the "Pinky - Pal Move Calculator"

you may fill out the household good inventory or the commercial / office inventory


 Or if you feel more comfortable completing your inventory list with the help of our customer care representative
Do not hesitate
to contact our Rockville,MD office at 240 - 430 - Pink (7465)


Our estimates are not computer generated quotes. Our customer care representatives carefully analyze each inventory sent through our web site.

We take the time to provide you with the most accurate estimate possible.
To obtain a free and accurate quote, click on either the Household Goods Inventory or Commercial/Office Inventory below and follow the instructions.
If you would feel more comfortable filling out your inventory with a customer care representative

Do not hesitate to contact our Washington dc movers team at 240 - 430 - Pink (7465)


On behalf of the entire Pinky Movers  team

We wish you a sweet and successful move

We appreciate your consideration of Pinky Movers for your upcoming move.

We look forward to providing you with the best service at the best price.

Pinky Movers - Moving Towards Success...