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Ms. L.Z,
This is the second time that I have used Pinky Movers and I'm extremely pleased.
The movers did a professional job and I'm very happy and pleased with this company.
I plan to use them again in the future and tell family and friend about their superb service.

Mrs. Lisa Chantiny
Very prompt. Took good care of my things. great price.


Mr. Dennis Bannon,
Pinky movers crew were a great pleasure to work with. Outstanding customer service and terrific crew on moving day. On this move was long and trying at times
Pinky Movers were a breath of fresh air.
A great company to have do your move. Not only am I very happy with the service
your business provided me but I am willing to recommend it to any person that will
go through this process of moving that can be very hectic.
Sincerely, Dennis Bannon



Mr. Joshua Salzberg.
While under normal circumstances moving can be an extremely stressful event,
that is not the case with Pinky Movers. They exceeded all expectations in terms of work ethic and sensitivity to not damaging furniture.
The professional manner in which they went about their job was absolutely amazing.
They took extreme caution in protecting all of our furniture and yet were still able to finish the job much faster than I had expected. I would recommend them to all!!



Mrs. R. Canfield,
I've moved several times in the past, and this was the first time that the move was smooth and efficient.
Your system of estimating the cost was extremely clear and accurate! Other estimates I received for this move were up to three times your estimate, and in the end, yours was accurate to within 1%. I was very impressed.
My contact with Pinky Movers was always friendly and very professional. It was almost like moving with your close friends, who are also experts at packing and moving furniture! You provided us with expert help and support on packing before and during the move. On the day of the move, your team came in, moved quickly, showing a great deal of enthusiasm and professionalism. I was very happy with the service and would recommend you to anybody who has to move.
Thank you Joey and the whole team. You made the whole process of moving enjoyable!



Ms. Marilyn Bramell,
I couldn't think of any other company I would want to move me. Your team of experts were fantastic. Their attitudes were inspirational, there personalities the best and their professionalism to be commended.
Your crew chief was everything above plus more. We liked him so much we wanted to adopt him. I thank you Pinky Movers you came through, as promised, even better than I thought. Your guys made it easier, pleasant and fun. I will refer your company to all my friends.




Ms. Monica, S. World Bank
"The service that your company provided was all and more than what I expected... All the move happened with no problems whatsoever and in less time than was expected.  I have to mention that all the Crew including the Supervisor worked very hard and had a complete knowledge of what they were doing.  When the move was over they were also willing to move furniture if  I  happen to not like the place where I originally had asked them to place it.
Not only am I very happy with the service your business provided  me but I am willing to recommend it to any person that will go through this process of moving that  can  be very hectic. Tell the Crew that I really appreciated all the work they did and specially taking into consideration the HOT weather that did not help much. One of the things that really made it very special was their positive attitude and always with a smile. This is very important and makes all the difference!  Keep it up!



Ms. Olga, R. (Customer)
Pinky Movers is without a doubt THE BEST MOVING COMPANY IN THE WASHINGTON AREA, if not in the whole USA.  Because of a previous horrible moving experience with another company, I thought that moving was an extremely stressful thing to do, but Pinky Movers made me change my mind.  Joey and his crew are the best in the moving business; they are courteous, considerate, dedicated and quick.  I recommend Pinky Movers to everybody who wants to have professionals handle their personal belongings as if they were theirs, they surely are professional movers.



Mr. Robert, A. (World Bank)
"This was a very difficult move (snowing day), yet, surprisingly pleasant. The team members were all very courteous, friendly and professional. If you are looking to move soon, I highly recommend them as an excellent moving company, with a great service and competitive rates."



Mrs. Leo, M. (World Bank)
"I was surprised for there dedication for service, always calling to check if the move was going well before and after the move. Very nice people, excellent supervisor. 




In order for our customers to be more comfortable with their decision of choosing Pinky Washington DC Mover, we provide our customers with the direct home contact number of the CEO of Pinky Movers.
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Our professional sales department will provide you with all the information necessary for your upcoming move.
We don't have have any hidden charges.

On the day of the move, the dispatcher and your sales representative will both be available at your service to make your move easier. However, if any requests or issues should be discussed with higher authority, you can directly contact the CEO of the company.


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